Renegade BirthDay Bash 2013 (July 6th 2013)

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Renegade BirthDay Bash 2013 (July 6th 2013)

Thanks to all Teams that helped us make this day possible. Thank you for keeping it clean and giving it all on the field, you guys proved ones again that Airsoft is played by Airsoftters and no matter what happens we stay UNITED at the end we RESPECT each other.

Griffins took the 3rd place showing that playing fair and hard-work always pays off.

M.O.W showed class and a super high level of competition they were the team that went to the finals Undefeated, they took the 2nd place in the tournament

Section 8 showing consistency in there game and with very pumped-up players took 1st place and are now the champions of this year Renegade Birthday Bash.

Special thanks goes to Mr. Andy Charetti Eduarda and David Estanista from the Crusaders Family and Curacao Youth Care for making this day possible.
Also Mr Errol Drommond Senior and Mr Gregory Salesia to help us with the field and ALL MEMBERs OF RENEGADE AIRSOFT TEAM.

We just set the bar now we will work to set it higher.