How it all started

After practicing airsoft together for about one year, Eldrin, Carlos and Henky decided to start a team of their own named “Renegade Airsoft Team” with the motto “No Retreat, No Surrender”.
The focus was to practice airsoft on a level and manner completely different than the way it was practiced by the other teams at that time. They where looking for a more mission and team driven way of playing and wanted to combine that with a more community centered world view. One of the first changes was to replace the mentality of “lets win at all costs” or “get more kills” to “Lets have fun” and “Enjoy getting the mission done”.

Renegade Airsoft Team started out with three M4’s, one sniper rifle, one G36, three Beretta pistols and ten players, while training was done on fields shared with other teams.

Through the years we have come to gain the respect of other teams, due to the performance and honesty of our players on the field.
Since 2013, Renegade Airsoft Team can pride itself of being a offcial airsoft society with its own playing fields. We strive to incorporate youths and young adults from every walk of life to ensure our diversity and adaptability.